Bonds Painting is a full-service painting company specializing in residential & commercial painting, interior painting, exterior painting, new construction, remodeling, and restoration. We have experience working with architects, decorators, homeowners, contractors, and real estate agencies throughout New Hampshire.


Once the proper colors are selected to ensure that your paint job will live up to it’s full potential, we then apply our expertise in the form of seamless, invisible wall repairs, precise cut lines and ultra smooth finish work.  We achieve this by using the finest products available, which in turn delivers the finest results possible.  This not only applies to using the appropriate paints and stains for the specific job, but also extends into using the appropriate brushes, rollers, etc.  Professional results require a combination of professional products, product knowledge, skilled craftsmanship and a large amount of pride in workmanship, which is something that not just any company can deliver.  Fortunately for you, we do deliver all of these things and much, much more.
*In addition to standard interior painting duties, we also offer other services, including: drywall repair, wallpaper removal and faux finish painting.
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Just like in interior painting, it’s all about the prep.  The difference is that on an interior job, the prep pertains primarily to aesthetics.  On an exterior paint job, the preparation is only partly about aesthetics, but is primarily about the longevity of the finished work.  This is why each job begins with a pressure wash, continues with meticulous preparation and use of the appropriate primers and ends with an expertly applied finish, using only the highest quality of paints and stains.  All of these factors combine to create the finest paint job available, without the extravagant price tag that one might expect to pay for such workmanship.
*We also perform light carpentry duties, which alleviates you from having to deal with the scheduling hassles of hiring two contractors; instead, providing a simple, easy solution for all of your needs.


Spotty, ugly, black or green mildew can ruin a home’s appearance.  Why suffer through this when there is a quick, easy solution?  We can clean and brighten any vinyl siding, fences, patios, walkways, concrete pool areas, composite decking, etc. by removing any and all mold, mildew, dirt and debris.  This is a great way to provide maximum results at a minimal price.

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Refinishing your deck or front entry porch/steps is a great way to improve your home’s appearance.  We start by providing a thorough pressure wash that will strip or remove any old stain or graying areas caused by sun aging.  We then use only the highest quality of paints/stains to provide a superior, long-lasting finish that you can be proud of.  You will be amazed at what a difference a well-maintained deck can make to your home’s appearance.


We have worked with countless realtors and homeowners to best prepare homes for showing.  We start by taking a thorough walk-through with the homeowner/realtor in order to give an honest assessment of which areas of the home should be addressed in order to give the greatest level of return on investment, provide for the fastest possible home sale and make everyone, including the home inspector, happy.

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It takes a trained eye to look at countless numbers of similar looking color chips and distinguish the slightest bit of nuance in color undertone from one chip to another.  Unfortunately for most homeowners who forego a professional opinion, this is what determines which color best coordinates with your furniture, drapes, flooring, countertops, etc.  Add to that the variances in lighting from house to house and room to room and a color that may look fantastic in one home (or at the paint store), may not look the same in your own home.  This is where it takes years of on the job experience to turn what could be an okay looking color scheme into one that your friends will truly envy.


Many changes have taken place in the last several years regarding the formulas and chemical composition of paints and stains.  Therefore, in order to use the right product for the right job, one cannot simply rely on product knowledge from twenty years ago.  One must keep up to date on the latest product information and their appropriate uses in order to produce the highest caliber of on the job results.  This is one of the many areas in which we pride ourselves and keep one step ahead of our competition.

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Bonds Painting is a premier full service painting company in New Hampshire specializing in only professional painters with residential & commercial painting. Inviting a painting company into your home should be a positive experience. At Bond's Painting we make sure it is by carefully protecting furniture and flooring, hardware and landscaping, and by leaving each and every project spotless. Our crews are friendly and helpful, we treat you and your home with respect.